A Christmas Gift For U

by Homesick Suni

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I’ve been wondering about making a Christmas album for years, just talking about it and never recording anything even remotely related to the Nativity. I admit that since I was a child I’ve always been fascinated more by the Christmas decorations than by the Christmas fable: sparkling and blinking lights, bells ringing in the distance and the idea of an unbelievably charitable man who gives presents to children. Christmas is, somehow, a message of hope – let’s overlook the religious aspect – and so it is “A Christmas Gift For U”. There are no strict and formal connections with Jesus’ odyssey or with the Peace-on-Earth aesthetics, just because “it’s not the point!”: it is my deepest and most intimate hope that I’m sharing in these 4 little tunes I pull off my head during the last weeks. The sounds and the words recorded here just came out pouring down softly and slowly over my cerebral cortex, absorbed by my unconscious-self and summarized in a hazy-dazy state, which I usually refer to as “toasted”. You will bump into a green Santa Claus, some alcoholic relics and Father Christmas’s daughter (named Mery J.); you’ll get into troubles on an interstellar drive-through just to come back and realize it was all in your head ‘cause it’s Christmas time and you’re high as a kite. It’s all about how I happened to feel Christmas, this year.
Enjoy yourself.


released December 25, 2014

Dedicated to Charles Wallace who composed a really amazing Christmas album: cwallacemusic.bandcamp.com/album/wish-you-a-chilling-merry-christmas



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Homesick Suni Cordignano, Italy

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Track Name: All I Want For Christmas
I can feel my heart beatin'
just inhale and stop breathin'
we're going to have a ball on this Christmas Eve

Getting together
on our road back to Nazareth
we're driving backwards, cruisin' on a comet through time

And when we will approach the hack where Jesus was born at
we will pass it through and disappear
'cause I want to go back to the age of dinosaurs
and check if it's true that they have evolved into chickens
...That's all I want for Christmas

My report is: I don't know
'cause things weren't clear
now we've got to keep on drivin' away

We are getting higher
on our road back to Beginnings
we may get involved in the Big Bang shit, so wait:

We better take this comet back to Christmas right on time
'cause you know what we're gonna do tonight
we're gonna chill the fuck out of this 2014
light it up and pass it, even Santa Claus is green, so please listen
...That's all I want for Christmas
Track Name: Rejoy!!!
I just got fired
from my day-job
it's not a good present
I didn't even required it

Got no girlfriend
to eat pistachios with
got no big plans
for my New Year's Eve

And all of a sudden i got a great idea
why don't I drink 1.000 beers
it's quite a long time since I got drunk the last time
so why don't I take the booze out of the fridge?

Let's begin with
the fact that I don't give a fuck
about your reasons
'cause I got mine

My intention
is to leave the passer by
got no tension
everything's fine...

And all of a sudden i got a great idea
why don't I drink 1.000 beers
it's quite a long time since I got drunk the last time
so why don't I take the booze out of the fridge?
Track Name: Mery J. Christmas
Mery Christmas it's guaranteed
forget your daddy and come with me
I may be not good in this & that
but let me show you what I'm good at

Mery Christmas it's not so bad
you just have to leave whatcha daddy said
you're feeling good so it's working right
let yourself go on this Christmas night
Track Name: Xmas Dub II
It's Christmas time
and I'm high as a kite
are you still out there
down on the Earth ground?

The ending speech is the Apollo 8's Christmas Eve reading of the "Book of Genesis" from outer space (Dec. 24, 1968)